I am Trying to Love You, My City of Joy: Rediscovering Kolkata Part I

I was born in kolkata , but stayed most of my life in Delhi. When I had to come back here, for first few months ( a year) I hated the city with everything I had. It was illogical, i got home cooked food, I could take a public bus at 9 pm and be very safe, I got a chauffeur driven car, things which were unthinkable in my student and single life in Delhi. But still I was missing Delhi and more so my friends. It was like having a physical pain, I was going into depression . And then I decided to take control of my life, started working out again, started reading everyday and started something which is therapeutic for me, going to shopping all alone (I know it may sound lame but it is my choice of poison).
Last week I went to new market alone. For people from outside Kolkata, it is one of the oldest markets in Kolkata , like a maze , and as legend goes if you search you will find everything there. I got lost thrice and ended up buying small things I completely adored.

This is not a very clean part of Kolkata but unlike the malls you will ge a flavour of old world “Calcutta”

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