A Jittery Flyer & Paperboat Rasam

(Rasam is a tamarind based soup, originated in southern part of India. Beside tamarind, tomato, chili pepper, pepper and cumin are also added.)
Are you a nervous flyer ? Has 2014 made your flying time hell? Come sit beside me . I hate and dread flying (during long haul international flight I usually drink some wine, some more than required and sleep)  and during take off and landing as I cant use my ipad or kindle to distract me, I read the inflight magazines word by word .  In January while travelling to Delhi, in one such magazine I came across an interesting ad, that of chilled rasam by a company with a very nostalgic name “paper boat”.  I could not find that particular ad online but I got this on their website

Truth be told I have never seen rasam in Kolkata or Delhi  and only had it twice when a friend from Chinneai invited me to her place , bless her because I loved it. I thought it is a nice concept, ready-made rasam but with the bumpy landing forgot all about it promptly .
Today while walking down the big bazar isle and scowling at the guy next to me who was channeling “Sallu Bhai” while ordering the SAs I found the rasam again and thought I will heat it up and will have with rice :). Then I read in the instruction that it is indeed a drink. See I don’t usually write songs about a “ready to drink ” product but this is seriously good, wickedly good. The chilled rasam tasted as good as the piping hot one and I am cursing myself for not picking up more. I loved the tangy spicy taste of tamarind, tomato, the lack of sugar and the authenticity which I never could imagine you can obtain in a packed food. The price, 30 bucks is worth, believe me.
I am even thinking about preparing rasam for tomorrow’s lunch from the scratch. And as the product claim to have bottled memory, this is my memory, paper boat and my mom’s “Lakkhir pnachali”( book on goddess lakhsmi you read and chant from during prayer).

P.S: This is NOT a PR post, I am not related (I wish) or payed by the company (I wish more) to write this stupid review. I have spent 30 bucks from my month end rapidly vainishing hard earned money 🙂


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