Horror Can Be Beautiful Too: Discovering Emily Carroll

Last year in July I was reading rave reviews about “Through the woods” ,looked high and low but could not find the book in my city. Instead I came across the website of this amazing artist/writer http://www.emcarroll.com/ . I went through web series like “the hole the fox did make”, “out of skin” and then Margot’s room happened. It stole my heart, the clever clues. the enchanting drawing, the chilling story , what not to love .

A Fascinating Way to Get Broke

And then a friend was kind enough to send me the book. It has five stories, from supernatural, horror to good old ghost one.

What I loved:

  • The stories are scary, downright scary .
  • The have that must have quality of short stories namely “ended but lingered”.
  • The artwork is so breathtaking .

What I did not love:


Rating: 10/5 ( you see I really loved it).

I leave you with few snapshots of the book , but no spoiler included. (All are collected from google image)




Last but not the least, how could you not love a book which ends with this


Please buy the book , it is strictly in “Do not miss” category


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