I Want to Beat Oniomania: 100 Days Shopping Ban

My Life 10 years back:

  • I was in a hostel.
  • I could fit all my clothes in half a wardrobe and a suitcase.
  • Rest of my posessions would fit 2 drawers of my study table( except books).

My life now

  • My parents’ house, my inlaws’ house both have storage shortage because of me.
  • We are moving to a new house and I fear I will clutter it too.
  • Few of my things are in my car trunk for 3 weeks, because I dont need/love them and I seriously dont know why I bought them in the first place.

In short I have oniomania or shopping addiction. During my many years alone I used to tell myself that I miss my family and my partner so Ishop. After moving back to Kolkata I told myself that I miss my friend so I shop. In short I SHOP. And I fall in those kind of shoppers who cant miss a good bargain. I liked something  today-tomorrow it has 50% off tag- I buy it. I am not getting broke like the movie, I save every month and to keep myself on check I dont carry a credit card ever.

But I think I could save much much more and could have created less carbon foot print. Thus I am challenging myself to undertakr 100 days shopping ban.

  • 100 days no shopping.
  • Make-up and beauty products are allowed only if they get over and I dont have any alternative.
  • Only 2 books a month as hardcopy, because I have a serious storage issue.
  • I will shop my own closet and would wear each piece atleast once or give it away.
  • I will blog about it every week.
  • Get all the fabrics  stash stitched or give it away in these 100 days.

Today was the day 1 and while hunting my closer I discovered a gem. 15-20 years old leather messanger bag, my mother only paid Rs 150 for in Kolkata LEXPO. It shows the age but very usable. I win. 🙂





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