Winter is Not Coming Anytime Soon

Firstly because it is 40 degree celsius outside and secondly because I am done with game of throne. Unnecessary rape, sexual violance, which has nothing to do with the book is disturbing . Done with the show, waiting for the next book. On the otherhand (I am an economist by profession so there is always an otherhand duh) today I completed my 20 days without shopping, first time in many many years. But I am seriously lusting over some saree from byloom, so may just give myself a tiny prize . And the other things in life are


MV5BNjgwMTg2NTAzOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTc0MTI1NTE@._V1_SX214_AL_These are the two TV series I am loving right now, ‘The Messengers” doomsday fantasy series about angels and return of lucifer and so on and “Grace and Frankie” series about two opposite females dealing with silver seperation as their husbands are marrying each other. I love this series to bits. It is all about family, friendship, pretending to be strong when you are crying insude, quirky lifestyle and so uch more. I seriously recomend this one

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1Three books I am reading simultaneously. A retailing of Arabian Nights, a horror story book with gorgeous illustrations and the second book written by Agatha Christie. I am reading all christie books chronolgically and the first book (mysterious affairs at the styles) was disappointing. I shall review it soon.

photo 6

photo 3


These two beauties were lying unloved in my jewellery box. One good thing about not buying anything new is you find out old treasures. I went to work wearing a seven year old fabindia ghera skirt (they dont make it like those any more, sigh!) and a  five year old tantra tee with Dylan on it. I am totally shopping my own closet.

photoBought this tote just before my shopping ban and I so love it. Aint the print is to die for?

photo 5This fruit is called Phalsa and it is sweet and sour and mouthwatering .

I am listening to this on a loop

I am spending this weekend at home reading, doing yoga and watching tv. Stay safe from the heat.



9 thoughts on “Winter is Not Coming Anytime Soon

  1. It is raining fire meteors here too, life without the fan here can be one of Ramsay Bolton’s torture methods πŸ˜›
    I love Game of Thrones, yeah some of the sex scenes are unnecessary but I think that makes the show what it is..

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