How I am Surviving Kolkata Summer

Kolkata summer is like “Duo-rani” of Bengali fairy tales (second prefered queen of the folklore king). Delhi takes the top place as always with close to 50 degree celcius temperature, Hyderabad is the close second this year, but rest of the India does not notice that we are dying a slow death in 40 degree and 95% humidity in the ‘city of joy’. We are getting boiled slowly like the favourite food of Bongs, biriyani ( side note, if you eat biriyani in this weather you will surely die).

I woke up this morning in our old house, in the most comfortable corner. Mom was kind enough to open the window, it was hardly 8am and the outside was like this

Sunshine Overdose

Sunshine Overdose

And I knew we are in for another horrible day. Rant over, but seriously how I am surviving the heat ?

#1: Save your skin:

I have two amazing finds for skin care this year, one facial spray and a sunblock lotion

BeFunky Collage photo 4

Oilcraft panchpushp facial mist literally has extracts of five kind of flowers. I have used a fabindia mist earlier which was a bummer but this is a miracle product. After coming back from the sun spray it on your face and you are fresh as dew, it is a great make-up setter as well. I plan to write a detailed review later.

Now coming to the sunscreen, it is a necessity lately, and this lotus one suits me perfectly. It is very non greasy and does not leave any white residue.

#2: You can only Survive Indian Summer with Indian cotton:

photo 3

Skirts from Fabindia

photo 5

Cotton Hand Block Printed Ones from Gurjari


My office has declared five days casual for the summer but I am staying clear from denim. I am literally living in my fabindia ghera skirts. As you can see in the  picture those have lovely prints, totally summer worthy but a bitch to maintain and gets crinkled in hours(small price). And my most fabulous discovery this summer is hand block print cotton clothes from Gurjari, the gujrat state emporium. They have the softest cotton clothes ever, better than any brands out there .

And special prize to the girls who are still wearing tacky blingy anarkalis .

#3 Summer Fruits:

The only good thing about summer is mango. I don’t care about the weight gain, I am surviving on them, and on paperboat drinks. This company needs a serious shout out for bringing the most authentic, awesome drinks back in out life. Their jamun drink is the best I have ever tasted from a package drink range.

photo 1 photo 2

So stay safe, stay out of the sun and please pray to the rain god, and who remembers this?



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