Getting My Blogging & Reading Mojo Back

I had the most hectic time of my life recently, was working for 12 hours for last month, it was crazy. But happy days are back and I am using this weekend to get my reading habit back on track, and also because goodreads reminded me that I have read only 9 books this year. So this weekend is for my native language books and some graphic novels to get the groove back. These are the books I am hellbent over reading by Monday.

SandmanI am planning to read first 8 books of Sandman series. I love Neil Gaiman but never could get my hands on this iconoc series. A friend gave me soft copies (i know not good option), I shall buy the hardcopies the first chance I get.

AsterixTwo asterix books I have not read yet.

TintinReading Tintin books chronologically and book number 2-4 is up for reading now.

RussianSoviet era books collected from . This website is goldmine, if you can read Bengali please visit them.

photo 4 (2)I am aiming to read Hajabarala, Pagla Dasu and Jhalapala.

photo 3The most gorgeous book Ever

ShirshenduAnd some pure nostalgia…..


2 thoughts on “Getting My Blogging & Reading Mojo Back

  1. Good one. I too recently got my reading mojo back. The blogging still eludes me, though. Oh, and do try to get the Sandman hard copies as soon as you can… They are absolutely gorgeous. Pricey, yes, but well with it.


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