Project 365: Day 11-18

So how are you? For me it was crazy at work, mayhem and two and half  feet water on  the road, my birthday and loads more. Let me tell you through photoDay11Day 11 A Tale of Tribal Beauties: It was a colleague’s daughter’s rice-ceremony and I chose to wear a traditional Bengali saree with tribal jewellries. I am severely unsocial and this is my favourite part of any social gathering, arranging these beauties.


Day12 Birthday Bells: It was my birthday, met my gang of girls from JNU days, ate yummy lunch at Mocambo, mom cooked Hilsa for dinner and I got gifts šŸ™‚


Day 13 Maniac Overdose: It was crazy busy, so busy that I did not touch my phone for whole 12 hours I was at office, but that did not stop me from dreaming about the mixed grill I had at Mocambo the day before.


Day 14 A Really Small Man Can Have Really Large Shadows: It was marginally less busy and I decided to start rewatching GOT specially for this charecter.


Day 15 The Day The Sky Opened and God Said “Let There Be Food”: From my office seat. This beauty will not tell you the pandemonium on that day, water clogging, no transport, it was nighmare for many people.


Day 16 List List All The Way: Friday was rainy, water clogged but lazy, spent a great deal making some booklist for ranidays. The list will be up on the blog soon.


Day 18 Sunshine : The city got some sunshine and I met her infront of an Italian resturant

BeFunky Collage

Day 19 Feeling Blue: Too much eating outside, too little sleep and the Sunday blue, mom made the comfort food steamed rice, chicken curry and I saw a horror movie and took a 3 hour long siesta, fresh as a daisy right now.

How was your week? let me know.


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