365 Photo Challange : Day 19-28

Really really running behind my schedule for last few days, shuttling between in-laws’ place and mom’s place was hectic, now we have our own place to add to that pain. But I am determined to finish this project for once in my life, so here it goes:


     day19 Day 19 Lazy Monday & New Books: It was an unusual Monday, I did not have much work so shopped for two young adult books. I have finished the left one and have very mixed feelings about it, but more on it later.

day 23

Day 20 Kolkata Monsoon: It was the start of another heavy rain, I knew much pain is in store ( I am still unwell from the drenched clothes), but how can I miss the beauty, my daily commute may be long but it is worth for the view.

Day 20

Day 21 Choco Chip Muffin Makes You Bitch Proof : When people starts acting like a bitch because of no reason choco chips muffin helps and also because the fact that I can be meanest bitch in return, if scorned.

Day 20

Day 22 Coral Party: I love ethnic, I love silver and I love coral. Nuf daid.

Day 24

Day 23 Preparing For The Puja: It was a day before our homewarming , and in my religion it means loads of ritual. Evening spent preparing for that.Mom did all the hardwork though, perks of being only child.

day 25

Day 24 Swaha: Day of our Housewarming Puja, May God bless us with love and peace.

Day 26JPG

Day 25 Flower Bloom : Our new apartment may be in the “IT” hub of the city but we do have flowers too 🙂


Day 26 Pineapple and Pictures: Pineapple may be the new owl but I want it as my food only , a lazy afternoon with crashed computer at office, no internet at home saw me chopping up some of my favourite fruit  and reading old Russian fairy tales with stunning illustrations.

photo 1

Day 27 All The Way to Africa: My first Alexander McCall Smith and cursing myself for not reading it till now, some car reading 🙂

photo 28

Day 28 Creepy Little Liars: Wednesday night is for pretty little liars for me. This show though lame lately, has some super creey doll moments.

So that was 10 days from my life and am down with fever and Kolkata is down with heavy rain. Wish both of us luck 🙂


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