#2 kolkata Kaleidoscope : Raj’s Spanish Cafe , An Indie Delight

I love indigenous cafes, small towns, corner bookshops and sometimes feel suffocated in the hustle and bustle of the cacophony called Kolkata. On a day like that I want to be in a place like Raj’s spanish cafe, tucked away in a bylane of a bylane near Sudder Street , where time does not run but glides slowly.

Many moons back when the whole Kolkata was ushering new year in the claustrophobic lanes of Park Street me and few friends found our way to this cafe. You really need to ask people if you are going for the first time, but have faith and walk on. It is small place like any university canteen, with non-descriptive seating arrangement. The floor seating place is usually occupied but fret not, it has an outdoor seating against a gorgeous wall. We braved the morning chill and occupied the place.

photo 3

The Mural and Super Sleepy Me

Things we ordered:

  • Coffee and Iced Coffee : loved both, dark and bitter irrespective of the ice cream scoop on iced coffee.

photo 2

  • Ensalada Pollo : Fresh chicken salad, and when I say fresh I mean it. The veggies were fresh like dew drops.

photo 5

  • Chicken Meat Balls in spanish sauce – again fabulous

photo 1

  • Ensalada Templada: Sea food salad. My system revolted by the smell, if you are hard-core sea food fan you can try it.


  • Fried Ice Cream: Took ages to serve it but I liked the way they prepared it.

photo 4

The best part of the place is the bohemian vibe, extremely friendly people and real real pocket friendly food. Hoping to go back there very soon.



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