365 Photo Challange Day 29-35

A relative getting married, kolkata getting flooded and me down with severe viral (again) saw me totally MIA in the blogosphere. But I am back with a bunch of days of my life.

Day30Day 29 Blue Thursday: The day was horrible and I made it more so by eating (or trying to at least) choco-walnut brownie by barista, hard stale and total yuk.


Day 30 Count Your Blessing: The book was amazing and so was the movie, made me stop and think about how lucky I am not to be born in a “socialist” hell.

day 32

Day 31 Paperboar Day: Went for a grocery run and came back with these. Love them to the bits.


Day 32 Owl Galore : Own may had a moment in the fashion world but we Bengalis always had them in our culture as a bearer of good fortune, These pendants of mine is not the mainstream but our folk art inspired .

day 33

Day 33 Junk Jewelry Junkie: This is not a shop, Sunday was spent trying to arrange my jewelry box.

day 34

Day 34 A Day Well Spent: Tuesday and PMS had me feeling funky and it was my workstation for a day.

day 35

Day 35: before the Storm : The coming storm from my balcony. It may look stunning but it caused havoc on our lives.

I leave you with these. May love and peace be with you .


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