Books I Have Read This Week & Why I Love Bengali Tintin More

I am having a very productive week book-reading wise. And I have very mixed feelings about the books. Let us get a look about the first two books I have read this week, shall we?

#1. Cigars of thr Pharaoh:The_Adventures_of_Tintin_-_04_-_Cigars_of_the_Pharaoh

This book does not need my cerificare of course, it is legendary. And this is the first book in the series which had the whole tintin-vibe. I did not like the first two (Tintin in the land of Soviets & Tintin in Congo). Tintin in america was better but from this book only the series soared to a new height.

In Bengali, Tintin books were translated by a very famous and equally talented poet Nirendranath Chakraborty. It may be my personal bias because every book-fair, every long train journey of my life saw me buying one of bengali Tintin books , nut I strongly feel that the bengali version is better, more witty and better written. If you can read bengali see for yourself….

tintin1 tintin2#2 Udasi Rajkumar:


A rare genre of books from the famed Sunil Gangopadhyay, a fairy tale. Like a traditional tale it starts with a king and a queen but there is a twist, the king is powerful, brave warrior but not the brightest one. On the contrary the queen is intelligent, brave and a great combatnt as well. All is well until some one backstabs, some one plots a hellish conspiracy and everything is wrecked. This is a story of lost brotherhood, revenge, redemption and of peace.

What Worked :

  • The writing flows like  river, once started I could not put it down.
  • Fairytale without any magic (yup sometimes it is good that way).
  • Strong female charecter.
  • Unexpected twists.

What Did not Worked : Nothing , loved it.

If you want to remind yourself of your childhood, of the glorious children/young adult literature era of Bengali literature give this book a try.

Rating : 4/5


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