365 Photo Challange : Day 36-45

I am severely running behind schedule for this series of posts I have excuses running from pure laziness to getting my reading mojo back and thus reading books all the time.But the accumulated snaps are threatning me with dire consequences , so I am back with few days of my life


Day 36: Getting Ready For Durga Puja: Ordered these from a facebook store, they are lovely but I ended up paying double price, So if you are buying from those so-called artists make sure you double-check the product with other buyers. She quoted three times the price of a necklace I got from roadside stalls. You got the drift right?


Day 37: Attending a cousin’s marriage full bengali style. P.S I got married wearing this saree.

3Day 38: The Day Kolkata got flooded and only shop open in my locality was a MacD.


Day 39: When Durgapuja becomes marketing gimmick

6Day 40: Itokri is the best online shopping portal out there. They are friendly, prompt and each order comes with a handwritten note. Amazing droolworthy and unique collection as well. Can not recommend it enough.

7Day 41: This book is a game changer, I wish I have read this earlier.

8Day 42: My least favourite book from the author but a surprising nice movie.

photo 1

Day 43 : Rereading of old pujabarshiki( durga puja special editions) is real fun.

photo 2

Day 44: This is how we eat grapefruit, with salt, sugar and green chillies and it is yum.

I shall come back with a new post tomorrow. Till then keep calm and read a lot.


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