Junk Jewelry Junkie & A New Christie

photo 2

A Madhubani Bird Taking Flight, A Super Lage Pendant

photo 3

A Tibean Beauty With A SecretCompartment, Perfect For Matahari

photo 4

Because We Are Children Of The Sun, We Laugh At The Scariest Of Tales If This God Is Shining.

photo 5

Because Ganesha Is The Cutest God, He Deserves To Be The Centrepiece Of This Sunning Beauty

photo 1

M-U-R-D-E-R. It began as an innocent parlor game intended to while away the hours on a bitter winter night.
But the message that appeared before the amateur occultists at the snowbound Sittaford House was spelled out as loud and clear as a scream. Of course, the notion that they had foretold doom was pure bunk. Wasn’t it? And the discovery of a corpse was pure coincidence. Wasn’t it? If they’re to discover the answer to this baffling murder, perhaps they should play again. But a journey into the spirit world could prove terribly dangerous-especially when the killer is lurking in this one. (Goodreads Descripion)


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