My First Fab-Bag

Procastination is my middle name, kidding , but not really. I took one year to order my first beauty bag, I was pondering over the fact for exactly so long. Even when I decided to order my first fab bag, it was almost end of the month. And I received the september fab bag last week and I am really really impressed.

photo 1This is how the bag looked, I am not a blingy girl, but this is kinda cool (glitter in the air type cool).

photo 4Two perfume sample and a lip-cheek tint. I dont use gloss or glossy colours on me,but these perfume samples are life savers. I will take one kind of stress out my shoulder namely “I hope my Burberry perfume does not break”. I am a jittery flyer as it is.

photo 3A concealer from Makeup-revolution. Will you be thinking me a raving mad if I say this is my first concealer.

photo 5And here comes the star, a “Kama Ayurveda” rose water. This is absolute luxury and the best rose water I have ever used.

photo 1I saved the best one for the last (because I am predictable like a K series tv soap). I have used just herbs shampoo and my hair loves them. So I was about to buy the facial serum but I just got that with my fab bag. I have used it couple of times, it is non oily but does its job in terms of giving you a glowing skin next day. Good job dear fab-bag.

photo 3

The first time was impressive.


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