TV Series- What I am Watching Right Now

I am a couch potato, I spend hours watching tv series, and october is the time when most of my favourite tv shows come back on air, and adding to the spookyness of holloween there are special episodes of many series. Let me tell you what I am watching this fall,

viola-davis-is-fierceAnnalise Keating and her band of varying from slight to major sociopath students. Courtroom drama, murder mystery and many more. Not strictly logical always but it has Viola Davis on the lead. You have never seen something like that on TV. You can call her spectacular, gorgeous, powerhouse acting and she will deserve ten more adjectives.

Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison in Homeland (Season 4, Key Art). - Photo: Jim Fiscus/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: HomelandS4_keyart_01B.R

You must be living under a rock if you dont know about this series. I was not a big fan of last season but this is tremendous. Terrorism and bloodshed and huan tragedy, this is game changer.

The-Blacklist“When former government agent and fugitive Raymond “Red” Reddington surrenders to the FBI, he makes them an offer they can’t refuse. On the mysterious condition that he work only with recent Quantico graduate Liz Keen, he agrees to help put away criminals from a list that he compiled, which includes politicians, mobsters, spies and international terrorists — starting with long-thought-dead terrorist Ranko Zamani. As the two pursue their quarry, Red forces the rookie profiler to think like a criminal to see the bigger picture.” I Love this show, it is an easy watch and has some serious eye candies.

Scream-Queens-1“Exactly two decades after Wallace University was rocked by a mysterious death, another murder takes place — and all hell breaks loose. As the investigation progresses, casualties start to pile up and anyone could be the next victim — or the villain.”  This is a mix of horror and comedy, and I am not sure whether I love or hate it. It is mostly slapstick mean girls type drama with some genuine horror moments.

tumblr_static_9q30fhpihikowkkkk84o8s84cI may be little confused about my feelings on the earlier series, but not this one. This one is bloody brilliant. “When a beautiful woman (Jaimie Alexander) with no memory of who she is or how she got there is discovered naked in New York’s Times Square, the conspicuous etching of FBI Agent Kurt Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) name across her back quickly makes it obvious to whom the case should be assigned. An international plot blows up as Agent Weller and his team discover that each intricate tattoo on Jane Doe’s body is a crime to solve, creating a map that leads ever closer to the truth about her identity and mysteries yet to be revealed.” This is thrilling, a fresh concept and amazing lead actors. Not to mention that how gorgeous Sullivan Stapleton is.


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