My Very Ambitious November TBR

Last month I have completed by 2015 Goodreads challange.. so I decided to challage myself more severely for the rest of two month. I am aimimg to complete 3 series, a non fiction and few short stories books if I get bored of any of the series. Allow me to take you throgh the uphill task of mine , shall we?

Bill Hodge Series by Sephen King

Stephen King is a writer whose work either I love or hate. Misery, Shining are the best horror books I have read, but I could not finish many of his books. Mr Mercedes received rave reviews around and I have decided to read the series after the release of second book.

mr mercedes

Bill Hodge Series by Sephen King

A serial killer and a mystery about books. Reminded me of misery and can not wait to read these.


BeFunky Collage

Jackaby Series

A young Sherlock Holmes type invesigator with supernatural twist !! what not to love .

Cormoran Strike Series:


A detective series written by THE J. K. Rowling. Nuff said. Between I have always found the Potter series as an extraordinary mystery solving and clue gathering work.

Short Stories & Non Fiction:

Short Stories


A short story by Flynn and a collection by Sephen King, another collection of horror stories by some of my favourite most authors. Can not, Just can not wait to read these .Though I plan to read them in between the novels as palate cleanser 🙂


I dont read non fictions much, but this is about Salem witch hunt, could not let it go.

The Young Adult Fantasy Series


I am hoping to fill my quota of YA booksby this series of high fantasy .

What are you reading this month? Le me know


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