A Herbal Beauty Haul

Lately the work stress was getting better of me, on top of that, the bipolar weather of november is not helping matter as well. Nothing soothes my soul and skin like a visit to Fabindia and Khadi. So last weekend I visited those two favourite shops of mine and stocked up some skin and hair care products.

photo 1

Khadi Mauri Shikakai Shampoo

Beside my staple just herbs shampoo, my hair loves the sls free khadi shampoos. I have never used any Mauri product other than the soaps(which are fabulous). So thought about trying this.

photo 2

Khadi Mix Fruit Soap

This soap smells like heaven. I have used another version of khadi mixed fruit soap and they are seriously relaxing. I could not let it go you see 😉

photo 3

Biotique Bio Musk Root

Few months back I bought moroccan oil based hair mask which caused massive hair fall. But I have read rave reviews about this Biotique hair pack. Hopefully it will not be a disappointment.

photo 1

Fabindia Vitamin E Cream

This is my back to back buy of this product. One of the best day creams I have ever used.

photo 2

Bought this as a heavy-duty cream, hopefully this will be as good as other fabindia products.

photo 4

Fabindia Henna

Bought this mainly for Mom, this is the best Henna available according to her.

photo 3

My Complete Haul


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