Kolkata Handicraft Fair-The Treasures I Collected

Every year end November the fair ground of Kolkata gets decked up by inexplicable beauties made by artisans from the remotest parts of the state, which is known otherwise as Handicraft fair. And every year I wait for this fair. I am an obsessed handicraft/handloom  lover and this is an opportunity to actually meet people who makes those, and to see some in the process.

This year though I was seriously miffed at the wannabe photographers of Kolkata for creating inconvenience for both the buyer and sellers in their quest of taking facebookworthy snaps. Get some sense into yourself folks…Rant over .

My first stop was a potchitra stall. Potchitra is an old bengali folk art, where sories are told with the help of painting. There was this amazing artist couple who created this arts, and the lady gave me a chair and told me about the story of one of her painting for good 10 minutes. Such lovely people. These are the painting I saw there.

photo 1

Potchitra- A Folf Art

photo 2

This is the beauty I collected from them for my new house. Can not wait to frame this.

Also I have got this

photo 3

My next stop was to acquire some owls, yes traditional Bengali owls, they represent prosperity and peace. I got this lovely own couple for my collection.

photo 2

Pair of Wooden Owls

And a hand painted woven box for earrings.

photo 5

Also got terracotta hand painted lamp holder and incense stick holders. they are much prettier in person.

And of course no visit to handicrafts fair is complete without some handmade jewelries. Look at the beauties I have collected.

photo 1

Kalamkari fabric wrapped bangles, a terracotta owl set and a kantha-work bib necklace, love all of them to bits.

Have you visited any such market place? let me know.


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