January Reading Roundup: What I Have Read and What I am Reading

January has always been a depressing time, the gloomy weather, the smog, the pollution, coming back from my vacation in the hill, going back to work, it was not easy. But January turned out to be decent. Lat year I managed to read 40 books, this year my goodreadschallange is for 50 and I am also taking the popsugar-reading challanage. I thought it would be a good idead to use the blog as a reading journal. Another resolution was to read more of benglai books.

Books I Have Read:

Nrisinghya Rahasya:


Every bengali kid from 80s and 90s who could read their mother tongue has read Shirshendu and the funny, nostalgic small town tales he weaves, which are also full of friendly ghosts and mysteries. This book is specially nostalig because when we were in elementary school a tv show used to be aired on this story, remember the good old durdarshan days?



A retelling of Cinderalla. A world where androids, humans, android-human hybrids coexist. A world which is threatened by a evil queen who rules a colony in moon, prince charming, evil stem mother everything is there. But is it worth reading? wait for my review šŸ˜‰

American Born Chinese:


A young chinese origin student trying to fit in a american school, a young guy geting humiliated by his too-chinese cousin, and the tale of a monkey god all beautifully woven together. This is one of the most iconic graphic novels and I plan to do a full review.

Currently Reading:



Far over the misty mountains cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away ere break of day
To seek the pale enchanted gold.

Hound Of Death:


A compilation of supernatural stories by Dame Christie, it does not get any better.



Heard great things about this thriller based on ancient Buddhist religion and its tantra sect. Just started.

What are you reading lately? Let me know.


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