Fabindia – Radiance Pack; Green Clay

I have been MIA for some time, yes I was busy, but nothing I could not handle. It was mainly because I was procastinating and was not feeling like blogging . But I am back. Few days back, I went to the local fabindia store to buy their new SLS free shampoo, with my luck which was not not present , but I managed to buy few products hich I did not need (typical me). But before you judge me my excuse is that all of them are damn good .

Let us talk about the facepack I got, it is green clay, finest face pack I have used. It does not irritate my skin, but gives a cool sensation. No my skin does not rediate immediately I take it off, but it gives a healthy glow aand somehow reduces the tan . Yes in a tropical country you need to reduce tan not induce it in summer. And I particularly love the tin cap, the jar type packaging, old worldly and my type.



This is the best 360 bucks I have spent in long long time. Go for it…..


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