The Month That May Not Have Been Too Bad

May in Kolkata is a cruel time, this year it was hot and too difficult to handle, then turned into humid and too difficult to handle. My city witnessed an election and the results are not what I hoped for but surely what my logical mind expected. And in my neighborhood, I have managed to get few lowest life nosy old creatures as my neighbour (sigh!!!).  And I have read only one book the entire month.

On the upside it was fantastic work wise, and I got my reading mojo back by the end of it and it is full of Game of Thrones. And something beautiful appeared on Kolkata Sky, have a look


Also discovered a magic potion for hair , a bottle of good old coconut oil…


I was very close of buying something to tame my unmanageable tress from some herbal brand, when with sheer luck located a Patanjali store in the neighborhood. This bottle costs only Rs 60 and works far far better than over hyped Aragan Oil hair pack , am finding a way to dispose of. All it takes is an hour to leave in your hair before washing it off. Try this before you try super expensive imported deep conditioning products, you wont be disappointed.

Now coming to the only book I have read this month,


The devotion of suspect X is the first Japanese thriller I have tried and I have a very mixed feeling about the book. The quick list of ups and downs.

What did work:

  • It has a super intelligent criminal. And I love books with super intelligent criminals. I think most thrillers publishing lately could do with a better class of criminals (I know that line is heavily inspired ).
  • There is an interesting twist.
  • The writing or rather the translation is really nice and it is a great page turner.

What Did not:

  • The character development was really shallow, the friendship, the love nothing had much back story.
  • I could see the twist coming, so did not get much impressed by it.

My goodreads rating: 3/5



3 thoughts on “The Month That May Not Have Been Too Bad

  1. That’s actually Higashino’s style. In all his books we already know from the very first chapter who the actual criminal is… The tricky business is proving that the criminal is guilty. Therein lies his genius. Read Salvation Of A Saint by Kiego Higashino… It’s even better

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  2. I love this oil. I have now become lazy but a couple of years back, I used to mix this with a tiny bit of castor oil & almond oil, and I do believe it helped with accelerating my hair growth a bit. 🙂 If you are only looking to control frizz & condition, I’ll suggest mixing this with a bit of olive oil, helps a great deal!

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