The Month That was June

June was a busy month, very busy work wise and very satisfying too. June was special , for more reason that one

Monsoon arrived, monsoon is my favourite season…


June saw the first monsoon rain

And my descend from roadside chai to green tea (The ones from Fabindia are just Fab, and bless the SA who gave me the free samples)

photo 3.JPG

And the indication that Pujo Asche (Durga Puja is approaching)

photo 1.JPG

My love for handmade and hand-loom going strong along with my love for Dokkhinapon

photo 2.JPG

The gorgeous skirt and pendant I got at a throwaway price

I picked up colouring as a hobby, it is so relaxing..


And sunshine arrived in a mail, I am not sure where I will wear it but it is delightful

photo 4

And June gave us Her…Lady Mormont The King Maker and Pure Awesomeness


I hope July be prettier….


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