Books that are keeping me excited, Shopping that keeps me broke

Have you read the cursed child ? have you? Do you also think that blasphemy and abomination should not have seen the light of the day? if yes then we are on the same boat. I managed to read 20 pages and almost puked, the husband is still struggling to finish it and he is one unhappy soul right now, Panju Weasley ???????? really ???.

———-Rant Over————————————————

August was a terrible month, work was maddening and I was too depressed by the new potter book. Reading is at al time low. But September promises to be better. Whenever I am in a reading slump i read two things

  • Something by Mary Higgins Clark
  • A graphic novel

You can take my advice, they work like a charm.


This time around I read Remember me, a thriller with slight supernatural twist, and such heart warming characters. It is not a great thriller by even a long shot, the plot twists were obvious, charecters were predictable but it was such a fast read and oddly very satisfactory.

And the second book am reading is a graphic novel called Monstress, it is a combined volume of first 6 issues, and it is soooo good. I will be making a separate post once am through with this awesome book.


Now the troubling part of today’s story. The shopping maniac me is out of control. It is Durga puja time and I am now addicted to buy sarees. I have discovered small boutiques, rediscovered big shops but I need to stop shopping. Tomorrow will be going to my favourite place and after that till december no shopping. Pray for me. But I thought I will take you through few lesser known shopping places of Kolkata and also few newly discovered Facebook shops.

Coming to Facebook shops they range from downright scums to amazing talented and warm people. But let us concentrate on the good people here. And I seriously hope my experience helps people out there.

I should start with “Sarees – Mukta’s Exclusive Styles” ( I have bought from them once but they are the nicest people I have met online. I liked a saree which was long sold out and I literally nagged, next time when they restocked it, they told me first before they made it available for others. And considering I was a new customer with no shopping history with them I was touched. And the saree was of amazing quality. A traditional lal-pad saree with tassel borders and the cotton is almost like linen. It is already much-loved , the creases show testimony to that. Give them a try if you want.





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