Kolkata Handicraft Fair & A Lost Blogger

2016 was not a good year for the blogger me. I was absent for too long, too frequently. My only new year resolution is to change that, may be after wrapping up my Phd.

But for now I bring you some beauties I have collected from Kolkata Handicraft Fair 2016. This year between lack of liquid money and sister getting married the next day, I only managed to visit it for couple of hours . But I still managed to collect some hand made products and some untold stories.


This madhubani neck-piece was customized by the sweet artist with gurngroo, because I wanted to buy something with ghungroo. Sweetest guy ever. I am happy I got his card.


A bunch of colorful wooden bangles.


Another sweet lady was selling hand painted jewelry on woods and mats. Adorable are not they!!!


These incredibly cute coin pouches are for 30 bucks each, though the seller was grumpy but that did not deter me from buying those 🙂


Another incredibly sweet lady had this beautiful thing. She has a FB page (https://www.facebook.com/upahar.in/). Beside being very reasonable and super nice she will customize for you as well.

And the best one is this hand-painted tribal dupatta.


I will come back soon with my recap of 2016, and I am planning to do project 365 for 2017. Lets see 🙂




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