Exploring Heritage & History : Itachuna Rajbari

Itachuna Rajbari is just around 2.5 hours drive away from Kolkata , but it is nothing like the busy, crowded. polluted city.It is a restored Rajbari (palace) of the old landlord. I went there to spend a quiet weekend with the husband’s colleague. And they are the finest gang I have seen in a long time ( I mean it, I am pathologically unsocial). I will let you see the beauty of the place and will encourage you to take the trip…


The first glance was Majestic


Natmondir- The family Deity Temple


The “hut” with every modern facility


Our hut had a fancy name too


The “Royal” Traditional Bengali Food


Ron Weasley would have approved



It Was Time for Evening Prayer


The most peaceful day coming to an end….

As a part of the Bollywood maniac nation I feel obliged to sign off saying that Lootera was shot here..Manmarziya…..


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