Santiniketan Diary: Story of Three Hoots, Two Boutiques & A Cafe

When life throws me lemons I make the lemonade in Santiniketan. I mean seriously, there is no second place which has great food, fresh air, great art and great shopping together. Also we stayed in a quaint home-stay which served great breakfast and dinner. And every time I visit the place I discover something new .. this is a story of such discoveries..

  • Dokra

I can almost hear the “duh” when I say Santiniketan and dokra and claim it is new. It is almost like saying “I went to Kolkata and was surprised to find sweets there”. But wait, there is more to the story..I have dozen of traditional dokra jewellery , if you throw a stone in gariahat it will hit a shop selling dokra three out of five times. But this time I met two gentlemen who were experimenting with the art, both from the local tribal community and both so helpful and talented.


Stole My Heart in a Second



Puppet aren’t we


Not strictly dokra, but has ghungroo and rudraksha..what not to love

  • The Tale of Two Boutiques

Everytime I visit Santiniketan I go to Alcha, the two storied bunglow turned into a boutique..and every time due to the sheer fact I get bankrupt in the Haat I return empty handed.. but not this time, I got bags and a owl..also this will be most peaceful shop you will ever visit.


Alcha Means Leasure..There is Loads in a Name

The Block, The Shibori, The Kantha …


Fabric Owl from Alcha..Wooden from the stall of a small boy

The second boutique is Tanzil, which I did visit, The shop is gorgeous but their things were slightly out of our budget ..may be someday. Also had two awesome experience, while browsing one lady pointed at my dress and asked the SA if it is from them and if she can buy the narcissist soul did a happy dance and second , after me and my my friend left the shop without buying a single thing , we were stuck in front of the shop due to rain, the lady called us in and asked us to sit till the rain stops… this is why I will go back there a hundred times..


The cafe

The best new place we visited is of course a food joint…..A cafe called Chayaghor, almost nextdoor to Alcha, they had a rooftop seating, sweet coffees, awesome chicken satay and a naughty cat. Please visit the place if you can, you will thank me 🙂


So till the next time… take care.


2 thoughts on “Santiniketan Diary: Story of Three Hoots, Two Boutiques & A Cafe

  1. Hi Tanaya,
    I like reading your posts for its simplicity and interesting facts about Kolkata. I am a South Indian but was brought up in Jamshedpur. I have Bengali friends and have always been fascinated by WB and its culture. Looking forward to more posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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