With Love From Janpath

I had a day to spare in Delhi while coming back from Landour, and wanted to spend some time shopping.. now there are two issues

  1. I have totally outgrown Sarajinin Nagar
  2. Though there is no zara in Kolkata, but I hate shopping malls, the homogeneous structure with homogeneous shops… they totally suck my soul.

So I paid a visit to the Banjara lane in Janpath instead. There is a lane full of artisan women from kutch selling their stuff, and it is like a treasure trove.

    I have a major weakness for locally made bags, and hardly use branded ones. These purses were love at first sight and I can not wait to style this this puja.

    Got this faux afghani earrings at throwaway price..I have the originals too but they are too heavy to wear on normal days.

    In one corner an old lady was selling these..I am a fabric hoarder and can not wit to use them in dresses or blouses..

    So next time you get to spend some time in Delhi and if you hate mass market stuff like I do, pay this lane a visit.

    PS: Bargain like your life depends on it..


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