Durga Puja-A Guided Tour of the Best Trends for ” Slow Fashion” Lovers: Part I

Durga puja 2017 is around the corner, and if are like me, you must be scratching your head trying to find out how to look less like the usual stressed out self and can add some color to life…

Also I am sucker of slow fashion ( read saree) and Durga puja shopping was a let down with all the blings and dazzle. So if you love handloom and earthy stuff let me take you to the awesomest ( that is not a word, I know) trends you can follow.. or make your own statement. I will publish five posts for five days of Durga Puja…PS : this is NOT a fashion blog, I just love Indian ethnic and handcrafted products.


Dhonekhali: Dhonekali sarees are traditional Bengal tant, compulsorily handloom and 100 count. The best thing which has happened to handloom sarees recently are the revival of the humble weave.

Source: google

What is the better way to usher the festival than wearing the hundred years old weave. Go for a ethnic Bengali look with this saree…

Gamcha: Have you ever thought that there will be a day when Gamcha will become fashion statement. My mom still can’t believe. Oh between unlike the mushrooming Facebook shops would like you to believe, all checks are not Gamcha….

Source: pinterest.com

A word of caution would be to check the material. Some gamchas have poor colour fastness and may look terrible after a wash. Also don’t spend too much, they may become out of fashion in a year…

Keep this for Sosthi evening, pair it with a gamcha blouse and don’t go for any accessories… the look is tad bit over whelming as it is.

Will come back with the next edition tomorrow… let me know what you are planning for Puja..


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