Exploring Heritage & History : Itachuna Rajbari

Itachuna Rajbari is just around 2.5 hours drive away from Kolkata , but it is nothing like the busy, crowded. polluted city.It is a restored Rajbari (palace) of the old landlord. I went there to spend a quiet weekend with the husband’s colleague. And they are the finest gang I have seen in a long time ( I mean it, I am pathologically unsocial). I will let you see the beauty of the place and will encourage you to take the trip…


The first glance was Majestic


Natmondir- The family Deity Temple


The “hut” with every modern facility


Our hut had a fancy name too


The “Royal” Traditional Bengali Food


Ron Weasley would have approved



It Was Time for Evening Prayer


The most peaceful day coming to an end….

As a part of the Bollywood maniac nation I feel obliged to sign off saying that Lootera was shot here..Manmarziya…..

The Onset of Spring…Life Lately

Spring is short-lived in Kolkata, like a glimpse of a loved one , like a breezy holiday it is gone before you stop and stare. But we are lucky enough to enjoy the weather for a month or so, and life is not too badly…


The colour…the riot of colour


February Means Kolkata Bookfair ( The haul post is coming up)


This is the first Ruskin Bond Book I have Read ( ya I am terribly ashamed) and I LOVED everything about it


A Random Outfit I wore and Love … Indigo+ handmade + bag with mirrors + hand-loom .. what not to love


This chicken tex mex rice bowl at Chillis is to die for


Cupcakes from Mrs Magpie….pure awesomeness

January Reading Round Up- part II

The last three books I have read in January

Maranbiva : Saikat Mukhopadhyay


Saikat Mukhopadhyay is one of the most promising Bengali writers. He writes mainly for the young adult crowd but shines in every genre he tries his hand on. This was one of his earlier works. One lone forest officer’s struggle against poachers, organised land mafias and  few mysterious deaths. There is a sweet love story as well which I really enjoyed. Not one of his best works but worth a try .

A Study In Scarlet – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


I don’t have the audacity to review this . But will you believe if I tell you that I have read only ten percent of all Holmes fiction..that is going to be a hundred percent end of this year..

Potash Gorer Jongole – Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay


An irritated ox tried to ruin a school football match, a scholar but not so clever teacher tried to stop it and ended up being in a haunted castle ..or so he thinks. A last bencher went to save him and all he had to do was to solve math to find a way back. This book has trouble maker kids, corrupt and coward politician, brave old men, alien and so much more. One of my favourites by Shirshendu and I truly feel blessed that Bengali is my native language when I read such work.

January Reading Round Up- part 1

January has been a good good month reading wise. I have read eight books… cheers to myself. Here goes part one of a mini round-up of what I have read so far in 2017

Aghorganjer Ghoralo Byapar- Shirshendu Mukhopadhayay


A typical Shirshendu, with nice ghosts, wicked villain, small town and loveliness all around. Where bad people never wins. I was really sad on January beginning, this book cheered me up.

The Trespasser- Tana French


A female detective whom his fellow detectives are giving tough time, a murdered girl, an obvious suspect, a desperate cover-up…this book was not a thriller like Gone Girl or behind closed door, it wont keep you awake till five in the morning, but it is so much more, it will make you question relationships, perceptions and will absorb you slowly but surely. The detailed proceeding of the case would have been tedious, had it not been the magical writing of Ms French. A detailed review is coming up.

Rabindranath Ekhane Kakhono Khete Ase Ni-  Mohammad Nazim Uddin


A restaurant in a remote town which serves food -to-die for, missing people, rumor of witchcraft and an enigmatic woman who owns the restaurant. This book is often called as one of the best thrillers in Bengali literature. I beg to differ. This is seriously cheap thriller with weak plot, terrible writing…not recommended.

Bishkanya- Debotosh Das


She can kill with her smile, she can wound with her eyes…and literally so. Story of a dangerous psychopath girl, something which will send a shiver through your spine. Stayed up all night to finish it. Now this is how Bengali thrillers should be written, if you can read Bengali, grab a copy ASAP.

Bindubisarga– Debotosh Das


A historian has re-evaluated the whole five thousand years of Indian history and has found something which will change the way we look at history, mythology and Hindu religion on a whole, and a secret society will do anything to stop him publicize it. Sounds interesting? yes, are you intrigued? I was.But this book disappointed me, badly. It was an ambitious project, but not a good thriller, on the other hand I will not even call it a thriller. Too heavy with theories, I would not care because I am a history obsessed creature. But the theory was so over simplified, the theory was so shallow, and loopholes so evident that at the end neither the means or the end was justified. The writer is gifted , and I hope we will get a load more good books from him in future.