Durga Puja-A Guided Tour of the Best Trends for ” Slow Fashion” Lovers: Part II


For people like us , those poor working souls, we mostly get leave from Saptami onwards. And Saptami morning for me is the pandal hopping day. If you try to avoid wearing saree for the crowded pandals, and the occasional rain and muds that is fine, but wearing denim on Durga Puja is plane sad.

All am thinking is opting the Indo-western dresses which are such win win combination of comfort and elegance. Also they will help you to stand out

Source: Pinterest.com, the dress is from Anokhi I guess.

Source: Jabong.com

Wear some dramatic jewelry and boho accessories, it is upto you and your indifference to glances that will stretch your accessories sense,mine is outrageous.

Source: I own them, got from a insta store name krutiarts.

Southern Beauties

For years and years Bong women would only recognize Kanjeevaram/Kanchipuram silk or Gadwal sarees as “South Indian Saree”, but not any more. Two weaves from Karnataka clearly stands out , Ilkal/Irkal and pattedu anchu.

Pick one , pair with some traditional blouse (khun blouses are rage right now). Pair with traditional jewelry and if someone asks you whether you are from Mahesmati , just ignore them.

Pattedu Anchu from Jaypore.com

Ilkal from Ajio.com. Also Ajio is my favorite shopping site, it is a treasure trove.

PS: Ilkal sarees look gorgeous enough to attend a marriage in it, zero maintainance and usually cal be obtained within 1.5 k INR. Totally win win.

I will come back with the next edition soonish.


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